Everything You Need To Know About Different Types of Awnings

Whether you are moving into a new home, or you are looking to enhance your backyard, installing an awning can not only provide you with shade and cool down your home, it can also increase the visual appeal of your yard, and add value if you decide to sell your home. So to help you find the right awning, here's the information you need about these shade coverings.


No matter what size awning you need--and this is dependent on the size of your yard and your shade needs--there are two main styles that you can buy:  retractable awnings and fixed awnings. Retractable awnings as the word suggests, allow you to extend the awning when it's hot and you want shade from the sun, and to retract the awning during periods of rain or long inactivity when you're not going to be home. Retractable awnings are ideal if you live in area that experiences distinct seasons, as you can protect your awning during rain and snow by keeping it retracted. Retractable awnings also give you greater control over the amount of shade you want, because you can decide what level of extension or retraction you want with the awning. And in winter, retracting your awning, can increase heat to your home from the sun shining through your windows without obstruction.

Fixed awnings do not retract, so they will always be available for shading, even when you don't want any shade. They are less expensive than retractable awnings, and they are also less labor-intensive when it comes to maintenance, because you don't have to worry about a moving part breaking down. Some people double up and choose fixed awnings to cover carports and balconies, because they want constant shading over those areas, and use retractable awnings on their patios and decks for greater flexibility and control over these larger areas.


When you invest in an awning, you have the choice of what kind of control you want for your awning. For example, you can choose a manual control, in which you would activate the awning by hand, automatic control, in which you touch a button on the awning for extension and retraction, or remote control, in which you would use a small device to control the opening and closing of the awning. Some retractable awnings feature a wall switch that is installed that works like a light switch, in which you flip the switch down to extends the awning, and flip the switch up to retract it. You can also buy a manual override motor for a motorized awning, so that your awning will still work even during a power failure.

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