Why Install Double Roller Blinds in Your Bedroom?

Roller blinds manage light coming into many of your home's windows effectively, but they can pose problems in your bedroom. Regular roller blinds sometimes make it hard to juggle light and dark at different times of the day. For example, a darker blind will keep your bedroom dark at night when the blind is down; however, you'll need to open the blind during the day if you want to let light in. You may not be comfortable doing this if your bedroom is overlooked.

On the other hand, a lighter blind would make your bedroom brighter during the day. However, it won't black out your room at night. You may find it hard to sleep if the room isn't dark enough. If you really would like a roller blind in your bedroom, but can't decide which blind to choose, then there is a solution that may work for you — a double blind. 

How do these blinds work, and why do they work well in bedrooms?

What Is a Double Roller Blind?

Double roller blinds share the same kind of mechanism as single blinds; they work in exactly the same way. However, their system contains two blinds rather than one.

These blinds are connected to the same housing and sit one in front of the other. Generally, each blind will have its own cord or opening mechanism, so each blind works independently of the other. You can have either blind down or up at any given time.

Why Are Double Roller Blinds Good in Bedrooms?

If you use this kind of blind in your bedroom, you get two blinds in one. This helps you manage light and darkness more effectively in the room. You can use different materials and colours for each blind in this system. So, for example, you can have one blind made from a blackout material if you like things really dark when you sleep. You use this blind at night.

In the morning, you roll up this blind and put down the other blind in the system. To let light in, you can use sheer materials or light colours for this blind. This part of the double blind brightens your bedroom during the day while maintaining your privacy.

If you fancy giving a double roller blind a go, talk to blinds suppliers. They can show you examples of materials and colour matches and tell you more about how to set up a double blind.