Could you use a perforated metal screen?

If you have any familiarity with metal fabrication, you might think of a company that creates casings for products or cuts metal to different sizes for their clients. What you will almost certainly think of is a company that creates solid metal sheets. The metal sheets are then formed into whatever shapes are needed. However, one of the most useful products created by a sheet metal company is not solid at all—but perforated.

Where can you use perforated metal?

Commercial perforated metal screens are used in lots of industrial settings, but there are also plenty of commercial and architectural settings where you can see them. Commercial perforated metal screens can be used in the quarry industry, but you will also find them used in manufacturing to create cases for fans and other IT hardware. In the architectural world, commercial perforated metal screens can be used for sculptures and other decorative functions. Although many architects also find ways to give them a practical purpose, such as rain screens and ventilation panels. At other times an architect might decide that a gate or a walkway would look best if it was designed using a perforated metal sheet.

What can you do with commercial perforated metal screens?

Perhaps, you have been inspired by looking at some of the ways perforated metal screens are used commercially. If you have an idea for a design that uses perforated metal, it is worth talking to the metalworking company and getting their input on the design. It may be that they are already doing something similar for an existing client. Alternatively, they should be prepared to design the perforated screen that you need, taking a metal of your choice and creating holes of your chosen shape and size in the positions that you want.

Customization is essential

With commercial perforated metal screens being widely used, there are many types of screen available. If you find a metalworking company that has a screen similar to what you want, don't be afraid to ask them to customize it for you. A good company will be delighted to create something that is a perfect fit for your specifications. They could even cut perforations in a particular pattern to accommodate your design. Once the perforation process is complete, the metalworking company will normally provide a finish for your screen that will help to protect it and maintain its appearance in the years ahead.

Reach out to a professional for commercial perforated metal screens