Home Water Filters Guide. Everything You Need to Know About Shower Filters

Purchasing a water filter for your shower head is an absolute necessity. Shower filters help you enjoy your shower blissfully without risking harmful contaminants. By choosing the best shower filter, you can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing shower without exposing your skin and hair to hostile water. 

What Is a Shower Filter and How Does It Work?

Exactly what it sounds like, a shower filter purifies your shower water before it comes in contact with your body. If your skin feels irritated and dry after a shower, then your water may have certain harmful substances. 

Shower filters prevent these harmful substances from touching your hair and skin. They use suitable filtration methods as soon as you attach them to the shower rail or showerhead. These filters use filtration media or combinations of filtration media including the popular kinetic degradation fluxion or the granular active carbon media to remove water contaminants. 

Types of Shower Filters

There are different ways to categorize shower filters. If grouped according to methods of installation, there are two types.

Filtered Shower Heads

These showerheads or showerhead assemblies have a built-in filtration system. These require you to remove your existing showerhead and install the new one.

Portable or Inline Shower Filters

You can install these anywhere between the existing showerhead on the supply line. They are compact and easily installed. You can also categorize them according to the chemicals they filter out. They include the following: 

Chlorine Filters

This shower filter is the most commonly used. It mostly uses media such as calcium sulphite, GAC or KDF. 

Chloramine Filters

While it is less harmful than chlorine, chloramine still poses a risk, especially in a hot shower. The medium it mostly uses is Vitamin C. 

Fluoride Filters

This is the least used filter. While there are few tests confirming the side effects of fluoride, there is a rise in the use of fluoride filters.  

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Shower Filter

To get the best out of your selected shower filter, here are 3 tips on choosing the best shower filter for your home. 

Good Filter Media

Ensure your shower filter removes all the elements that pose a risk to your skin and hair. Choose one that contains KDF, ceramic or activated carbon. This will ensure the water is gentle on your skin. 

Installation Process

Since you will need to change the filter cartridges regularly, choose one that you can install and replace easily. For instance, handheld shower filters are easy to install. You can even pack them up if you're travelling. 

Long Service Life

Filters do not last forever. You will need to replace them a few times a year. Look for a shower filter that can last you at least 6 months.

With this information you can start looking for shower filters that will give you a transformed showering experience. 

For more information on shower and home water filters, reach out to a local plumber.