How Can Plantation Shutters Improve Your Home?

If you're looking to add a certain amount of style and sophistication to your new home, you'll want to install the best quality window treatments you can find. Many people in this situation will turn to plantation shutters as they not only look fantastic, they have a number of additional benefits. What do you need to consider if you haven't looked at this option before?

Understanding Your Options

Plantation shutters come in various types and styles, such as PVC polymer or real timber.

Choosing PVC

PVC shutters are made with reinforced aluminium, making them very durable and highly resilient. You can use them in every room, especially in utility areas, garages and other challenging areas where they could be vulnerable to damage. This type of shutter is typically resistant to splitting and cracking and is also moisture resistant. They won't warp in the way that some other solutions might.

Upgrading To Real Timber

If you want to upgrade, real timber shutters are a fantastic choice. They come in a variety of different colours so they can match your interior décor and design. Some people choose to add a stain to each shutter which helps to bring out the grain and the natural look of the material. Once again, you can match this stain to the interior trim or large furniture items in a particular room.

Helping With Insulation

Most plantation shutters have fantastic insulation qualities, which could help regulate the temperature in any room. They may be particularly good in rooms that face the noontime sun and where you want to give your air conditioning a helping hand.

Regulating Interior Lights

These plantation shutters often feature large slats, which may help you regulate the lighting in certain rooms. They are easy to adjust to shield such a room from direct sunlight, and you simply need to change the angle. This may help protect some of your furniture or carpets, which can otherwise fade from direct exposure to the sun over time.

Looking After Your Shutters

Most shutters are relatively easy to maintain, with PVC shutters being the simplest. You can use any mild detergent to wipe these shutters down so that they continue to look their best. You need to use a different approach to timber shutters but follow the instructions given by the installer.

Ordering Your Products

If you want to look at your options and find out whether you should install real timber or PVC plantation shutters in various rooms, get in touch with your interior designer. They'll help you choose your products and place an order for delivery.