Buying Window Treatments or Curtains for a Baby's Nursery or Child's Bedroom

When decorating your baby's nursery, you have to find elements that are both adorable and functional. This challenge is especially true when it comes to window treatments. Trying to choose the perfect curtains or blinds for your baby's bedroom? Here are some essential tips and ideas to keep in mind:

1. Always opt for black out curtains.

When choosing kids curtains or blinds, you can pick from a vast range of colours and designs. Regardless of the design you select, however, you should always opt for black out curtains whenever possible. If you like, you can even layer a simple black out panel with another type of curtain that has colours or decorations you like better.

Black out curtains allow you to stem the flow of light into your child's room. This can be essential for nap time, and during the summer months when the days are exceptionally long, these curtains make bedtime a bit easier.

2. Avoid cords.

From a safety perspective, you should always avoid cords when choosing curtains or blinds for your kids bedroom. If you have to select blinds or curtains with cords, keep all furniture away from the window so your kid can't reach the cords. Also, bundle the cords up and secure them out of reach.

Check to see whether or not cords are accessible on the back side of the blinds. For example, in addition to the cord that allows you to adjust your blinds, some blinds have a cord embedded in them. If this is visible, cover it with a strip of masking tape to make it inaccessible to your child.

3. Have fun with DIY projects

If you don't have the money to invest in new curtains or blinds, don't worry. There are tons of fun DIY projects you can use to convert a boring old window treatment into a fun design for kids.

For example, if you have a plain solid coloured panel curtain, you can make it more fun by sewing buttons, ruffles or colourful patches to it. You can even look for cute t-shirts at charity shops, cut out the design from the t-shirts and sew them to your curtains.

If you have vertical slat blinds, you can paint a mural on them. When the blinds are open, the mural will add a fun element to your kids' room.

4. Don't just use curtains on the windows.

When you are decorating a kids' room or a baby's nursery, you don't have to restrict window treatments to the windows. Instead, you can use them in other fun ways. For example, if you are renting and not allowed to paint the walls in your flat, you can add a pop of colour by hanging decorative curtains on the walls.

You can also use curtains or blinds instead of closet doors -- this is a perfect way to hide storage and to prevent your child's finger from getting caught in a closet door. You can even use curtains to make a homemade canopy over a cot or bed.