What Are The Best Blinds For Your Child's Bedroom?

A child who gets enough sleep is one who will be a smiling child the next day! Now you are ready to renovate your child's bedroom, don't forget to carefully look at the current window coverings you have in place. If they are not keeping the room dark during sleeping hours, it is possible they are contributing to your child's erratic sleep patterns. Replacing the blinds is not a hard job, but making the right choice can be. These two options help to answer the question of what types of blinds are the best option for a child's bedroom.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds combine style with functionality and are the number one choice for a child's bedroom. The fabric covering of a roman blind means there is no light peeking between the horizontal slats of traditional Venetian blinds. However, there are two important points to consider if you have a preference for Romans:

  1. Not all fabric covering on a Roman blind is created equal. Check to see that the blind is made using blackout material if you want ultimate light blockage in the bedroom. If the Roman blind is not made of blackout material or does not have a backing on the fabric, it is still going to let some light into the room.
  2. Roman blinds are operated by a cord pulley system, and blind cords can be dangerous for very young children. If you use these blinds in a young child's bedroom, make sure the operating cord is hooked up high away from little hands. 

Vertical Wood Shutters

Vertical wood shutters look similar in design to the traditional vinyl Venetian, but there are a couple of differences that make them a superior choice for a child's room.

  1. When these wood shutters close, they fit snugly together because of a groove located at the base of each slat. This will keep light from filtering through the gaps that traditional Venetian blinds have.
  2. Vertical wood shutters can be purchased with a no-cord option. Cordless blinds are moved up and down in position by moving the bottom rail, which means you get the height you want without the safety hazard of blind cords.

Both Roman blinds and vertical wood shutters will add a stylish, modern touch to your children's bedroom while providing great coverage against the light from the outside world. Taking steps to darken your child's bedroom during this renovation period will lead to better sleeping habits and happier kids.