Curb Appeal: Selecting the Ideal Design for Your External Shutters

If you want to improve your home's curb appeal, you should consider installing external shutters. Basically, this type of window treatment has more visual impact compared to plain glass, especially from outside. When closed, the external shutters are also ideal for blocking the sun and enhancing your privacy if you live in a busy neighbourhood. Moreover, strong shutters will protect the glass from breakage during storms and high wind seasons. There are different factors that you should consider before buying external shutters. One of these critical aspects is the design because it will affect both function and aesthetics. Here is a short description of the primary external shutter designs in the modern market.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered external shutters are designed and built with angled slats which promote ventilation and filtration of natural light. They will also offer protection against rainfall even when your windows are left open. This design is ideal if your home has a classic or ornate appearance. These shutters are also compatible with casual home styles that are not strictly contemporary. When buying your external shutters, you will need to choose between operable and fixed louvers. Operable slats provide more flexibility with regard to natural ventilation and lighting. However, fixed alternatives are less prone to damage in the long run. You should also note that louvered shutters can be hinged on the side or at the top.

Panelled Shutters

Panelled exterior shutters are low profile window treatments. Therefore, they can be installed in both contemporary style homes and older homes. Generally, this type of shutter is designed and fabricated much like entryway doors or kitchen cabinets. In simple terms, the shutter is a panel which may be plain or have a raised face for visual interest. The primary advantage of this option is the increased security provided by the solid panels. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot enjoy a cooling breeze or some natural light without opening the shutters.

Board and Batten

The board and batten shutter design is not popular in modern housing. However, if you are planning to improve your home by installing retro Old World features, this might be the perfect choice for you. Normally, this type of shutter is built by joining several vertical boards together to form a unitised panel. The boards are held together using a horizontal panel or a crossed bracing. Unfortunately, these do not offer functional benefits such as ventilation, but if the shutters are operable, they can still provide increased privacy when they are shut. Additionally, you can build these at home and the interesting aesthetics will make your home stand out.

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