Kitchen Splashbacks: Colour Options You Could Consider For Your Interior Design

In years past, kitchen splashbacks were simply viewed as a utilitarian part of the kitchen. As such, homeowners would not be too concerned about their aesthetics as long as the splashbacks were functional. Nevertheless, in recent years and with the popularity of open plan kitchens, more and more people are beginning to discover the aesthetic benefits that their splashbacks can offer to their overall interior designs. Considering that there is a myriad of colour options to choose from, you may find yourself overwhelmed when choosing kitchen splashbacks that would complement your décor. Below are some of the different colour options that you could consider when seeking to complement your interior design.

Patterned kitchen splashbacks

If you are looking to make a style statement in an otherwise muted kitchen, you should consider patterned kitchen splashbacks. This type of design is ideal for kitchens that have an overall design theme of neutral, pastel colours on cabinetry, the walls and even the floor. To break the monotony of the pastels, you should install a couple of rows of patterned splashbacks that will draw attention to your walls. It should be noted though that going overboard with patterned splashbacks can make your kitchen appear too busy. As such, it is recommended to limit the number of patterned splashbacks that you use to decrease the chances of your kitchen appearing cluttered.

Solid colour kitchen splashbacks

If your overall design theme is minimalist, then solid coloured splashbacks would be a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. Minimalist design is characterised by chrome fittings and stark colours that function to create the illusion of sparseness. One thing to note though is that if not carefully executed, you could find that the kitchen will begin to look exceptionally sterile. Installing solid coloured kitchen splashbacks will create some visual interest on your walls that was previously not there. In addition to this, the solid coloured splashbacks will add a pop of colour to your kitchen while still maintaining the minimalist theme. When choosing the colour of the splashbacks, take measures to they to match the interior furnishings of your home as this will create a sense of uniformity.

Monochrome kitchen splashbacks

When some individuals consider splashbacks, they assume they always have to be colourful to stand out. Although coloured splashbacks are popular, this does not mean that monochrome splashbacks cannot complement your overall design. If you have an all-white kitchen, monochrome splashbacks in a contrasting colour such as black can lend a striking yet sophisticated finish to the design of your kitchen.