3 Essential Elements For Creating A Truly Luxurious And Relaxing New Shower

One of the simple pleasures in life is a luxurious and refreshing shower. Whether this is at the end of a long, hot summer day of physical work or as a way to warm up and wake up on a cold winter's morning, showers are an integral part of the daily routine. Because showers are an important oasis in the bathroom, it's wise to put some serious time and thought into its design when you're remodelling your bathroom. Here are three key elements to consider that will take your new shower to the next level.

1. Shower rail

Choosing the right shower rail can make a big difference in how amazing your experience can be in your new shower. It serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, and it's worth spending some time looking at the various options that are available.

For more flexibility and height options, a sliding rail that lets you adjust the height of the showerhead is a great choice. You should also consider the overall look of the bathroom, whether contemporary or traditional, and choose a shower rail that suits the rest of the space.

2. Showerhead

The showerhead also plays a big role in how much luxury you'll experience as you shower. Fortunately, modern showerheads allow you to enjoy a rich, decadent water spray while still being very water-efficient. Even previously water-hungry showerheads, such as overhead raindrop heads, are now far more economical with their water use than they were in the past.

As well as a desirable water flow, versatility is also an important factor when choosing a showerhead. Many heads allow you to adjust the flow and pressure of the water stream for different purposes or shower users. You may also like to choose a showerhead that can be removed from the rail and used by hand.

3. In-shower storage

Nothing ruins the look of a beautiful new shower than a cheap and temporary hanging storage unit. These units are also prone to rust, which looks unsightly and can also stain your shower tiles. Instead, make sure that you incorporate adequate storage for your shower products when you're designing your new shower.

A sleek and attractive way to do this is to have a good-sized niche built into the wall cavity. This can then be tiled along with your shower, creating a tidy and unobtrusive home for your shampoos and body wash. You can also have shelving attached to the shower wall. Opt for glass or stainless steel shelving for durable and easy-to-clean shelving.